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It’s so easy to be kind. Just imagine yourself in the place of another person
They need support
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Psycho speech delay, cerebral palsy
Malikat has 4 children. Her eldest two are one after the other. And both are sick.⁣⁣ The eldest, Maryam, began to lag behind in development from the age of 2. She behaved inappropriately, showed aggression
Gathered: 398,265 ₽ of 397,900 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Psycho speech delayed, mild autism
Mom, dad, give-give! These are the only words that 2-year-old Magomed has mastered.⁣ During childbirth, the baby's brain was severely damaged due to oxygen starvation. When Patimat began to fully examine her son, she decided to leave the region
Gathered: 114,115 ₽ of 114,115 ₽
Fundraiser is completed
Epi activity
“I didn’t think that everything was so bad…” We often hear from mothers of children with special needs that they do not immediately understand that something is wrong with the child.
Gathered: 240,550 ₽ of 240,550 ₽
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Psycho speech delay, cerebral palsy
Gathered: 398,265 ₽
Psycho speech delayed, mild autism
Gathered: 114,115 ₽
Epi activity
Gathered: 240,550 ₽
Sensorineural hearing loss grade 4
Gathered: 225,000 ₽
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25 — 05 — 2022
In the month of Ramadan, we were approached by the management of of the chain of household appliances store “Electrobyt”
22 — 05 — 2022
The delegation of the “Insan” Foundation, headed by the Director General Muhammadrasul , visited recently visited the Akhvakh region
17 — 05 — 2022
Last weekend, the Foundation held a campaign dedicated to the International Day of Families. It is traditionally celebrated on May 15, calling it "Family Day"
12 — 05 — 2022
On May 10, the “Insan” Foundation held an event dedicated to the Victory Day. It was organized for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Great Patriotic War II veterans, internationalist soldiers who performed their duty in Afghanistan, as well as for the families of employees and those killed in a special operation in Ukraine
19 — 01 — 2022
These are definitely rare shots - when everyone who works in the “Insan” Foundation gathers. Especially when you consider that this is not all. The meeting of all representative offices of the “Insan” Foundation was held in the “Russia-My History” park.
03 — 01 — 2022
Louiza worked as a dispatcher in a taxi service. But she quit her job to be with a disabled child. The boy often had epileptic seizures.Then the idea arose to switch to a remote format
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